Monday, May 9, 2016

No TV Tuesday:Follow Up

It was Monday night. I was getting ready for bed with fanciful visions of all the amazing things I was going to accomplish without the TV on Tuesday, our first ever "No TV" Tuesday. Through circumstances I can't recall at the moment (I have mom fog from being kicked all night and being pushed out of bed by my two-year-old) we wound up going to bed super late, which of course gave us a late start to our morning. The morning passed far quicker than I expected it to, with far less getting accomplished.
What we did accomplish was pretty great though. Together my husband and I got our room a little more organized and manageable. We also set up our entertainment center for the TV, so now I can use the table the TV was on for a work space. My favorite part of the day was when I read to my husband while he gave me a foot massage. It has been so long since we read together. He has pestered and badgered me to do it more, but I have declined over and over again. It wasn't the burden I thought it would be though. We really enjoyed each others company, and the book we were reading. We have also started coming up with ideas of things we can do together in the coming Tuesdays. Some of which will have to wait until our daughter is out of school, but I feel like my life has gotten a little more exciting by setting aside the time to stop staring at screens, and spend some time enjoying real life. No TV Tuesday is definitely a going to be a thing for our house.