Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Plan

Have you ever had one of those moments where you had no idea how you were going to fix a problematic situation. I had one of those moments yesterday when my childcare through for my job training.  I felt short of breath as I tried to keep the onslaught of tears from effecting my voice on the phone. Still, I got off as fast as I could and instantly dissolved into a blubbering mess. I felt ,completely lost. My brand new job that was saving me the misery of graveyard shifts at Wal-Mart was at risk of ending before it began.  In desperAtion I put a plea out on facebook. Within minutes I had family members asking their own friends and contacts, and sharing my status. Though none of them were close enough to help themselves they made me feel their affection  from afar, they made me feel important and loved.  My sweet husband tried to comfort me by telling me that it was all going to work out. That God has a plan for us. In frustration I cried to him that my plan usually hurts less. I felt bad when my negativity shut him down. I spent a relatively sleepless night tossing and turning and mulling over what's was going to do if everything went wrong.  
 Things looked a little brighter this morning. After talking with my new employer I discovered that I only need childcare for half as long as I thought I did. Suddenly my problem didn't seem so big.  I joyfully began calling and facebooking the news to my friends and family. 
The situation is still not resolved, I'm still not sure how exactly things are going to work out, but I feel my faith renewed that they will.  I have even had the thought cross my mind that if things didn't look so bleak yesterday the problem I really have to solve would be way more overwhelming.  Maybe there really is a plan...

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