Monday, February 2, 2015

Things do not always go according to steps

   It is harder to stick to a bedtime routine over the weekend. I tend to be a little more relaxed with timing and things. This morning I didn't get the kids up with breakfast I got caught up working on our budget and didn't get to it until after they got themselves up. On the plus side I finally got some laundry folded and put away over the weekend and the girls were able to dress themselves without help, because clothes were in the drawer.

   Things are pretty stressful around here. We are getting ready for a move next month. Today I gave our 30 day notice to our property management people. It is starting to  feel real and scary. Once we are done where we are at my sweetheart has to find a new job, and we have to find a new home in another state. It is a lot harder to stick to goals I set for myself when I am so stressed. At the moment my goal for a week seems really huge and unattainable, so I am going to break it down a bit on here

Today's Baby Steps

1. Do 1 load of wash that includes clothes for girls tomorrow and pajamas for tonight

2. Plan and prepare dinner tonight ON TIME!!! at 6 to prevent bedtime being put off

3. create a bedtime chart for girls and run through it with them at bedtime

That's it. Just three itty bitty things. I can do just three itty bitty things... I CAN do just three itty bitty things.

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