Friday, January 30, 2015

Breakfast and Lullabies

   I know I have a few days left before I reach ten days from when I began, but I feel the need to move on with other goals. My final thought that I intend to write down on the matter is that I think getting up early is a great thing for me.  Even on days that I find myself grouchy and tired those days are more productive. I am able to accomplish more of the tasks I set before myself. I still have along way to go before my days are as productive as I would like, but there is lot's of time for that.

   As I considered what I would like my next objective to be I reflected on my children's sleeping habits. My girls tend to do a lot of exercise right around bedtime, most parents know the drill. "Mama I need some water." "Mama I need to go to the bathroom." "Mama I had a bad dream even though I only went to bed 30 seconds ago." I have not always taken it well, and more often than not I am too wiped out and out of patience to deal rationally with this behavior. So my next goal is hopefully a way to cultivate some patience and deal with it in a new way.

   A failing on my part has been sending them to bed with little to no help. It was a failing brought to my attention at a parenting class I attended recently. Some constructive criticism of my parenting endeavors was that I needed to be with my children more when I have given them a task, and that I needed to work on creating routines. It was hard to hear the things that I have been doing wrong, but I was grateful for the ideas to improve some of the things I have found frustrating.

   Anyway, the goal I have in mind is a step toward both the situation with the girls getting up at night as well as the beginning of building some routines. The next mission I have given myself is to be there with the girls when they go to bed at night, and when they get up in the morning. I have already begun implementing a routine the evening. It includes a final drink of water, the brushing of teeth, A final trip to the potty, a lullaby, and prayers. So far it seems to be helping with the problem of keeping the kiddos in bed, but I already feel myself drifting away from the desire to keep it up. So I am making it official. I am setting an actual goal in actual writing in plain view of others. My goal is to keep up with that routine for a week from now. In addition to that I also intend to be there with the girls in the morning. To wake them up at a specific time and get them dressed and eating breakfast first thing.

   I'm hoping that by making this change for my girls that we will have a little more peace in our home, as well as build some good memories for my sweet children.

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  1. I think why you are doing is awesome! Its good to look at what you are doing once in a while and see what needs to be fixed. I think I'm due for that as well right now. Miss you!