Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sleeping in on Saturday

   Last night about 8PM I headed out the door to go have a girl's night with some friends. I called back to hubby over my shoulder "I'll be gone and hour, maybe an hour and a half". At 11 PM I texted him to tell him I wasn't ready to come home yet ( one of my girlfriends decided she wanted to be awesome and do my nails.) He replied "have fun honey." At 1 AM I finally got home, having had a thoroughly relaxing and fun time, and I dragged myself to bed realizing that 5 AM was going to come really early. I sleepily shrugged it off and decided against getting up that early, only feeling slightly like a flake.

   This morning I woke up about a quarter to seven to the sound of my little man wanting his first breakfast (like a hobbit he has two). The house was pretty quiet and Hubby was sleeping peacefully. Rather than poke him and hand over the baby so I could get a few more minutes/hours of sleep I got myself out of bed, threw on some clothes and started my day. By 8:30 my Saturday was already looking vastly different then the norm. The living room had been picked up (mostly) and vacuumed in places. I went and made French toast for breakfast, which was eaten at the table all together. Eating together has been a rare occurrence at our house, and it felt nice.  Now it is 10 AM , and the TV has still not been turned on. Breakfast has been cleared away and cleaned up. Overall there is a peaceful, and happy feeling in our home.

   I'm still going to try and get up at five during the week with my sweetheart. However, I am realizing that what I want with this goal is not to get up at five AM, but to be one of the first in my household to be awake and moving. Being up first (especially on the weekend) seems like a good way to have a more productive morning.

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